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About Us

The Good Fruit Gift Shop was created through faith in 2019 when my husband and I were blessed with a small check that was just big enough to venture into entrepreneurship. We weren't sure what our niche would be, but we knew that whatever we did had to allow us to both serve our FAMILY in Christ and lift the Father's name on high. I became intrigued with the idea of designing t-shirts with positive, Biblically inspired messages because I remembered how it felt to receive a good message of encouragement from strangers on my most loneliest days in this walk; I wanted others to be able to experience those same affirmations. My husband became excited at the idea of becoming walking billboards with one voice and one mission, and so The Good Fruit Gift Shop was birthed!

God cares deeply about community - about the unity of brethren, the love of neighbors, a man and wife that agree together. He tells us that whoever does His will, the same is our brother, our sister and our mother. You see, we don't have to know one another personally to be one in Christ, because our FAITH makes us whole - our faith makes us family and allows us to carry out the good works and will of our Father in heaven.

We have created this brand to bring people together in expressing their identity in Christ, to open conversations and if nothing else to be a beam of encouragement to those low in spirit. Our desire is to help our family in Christ be a light in a dark place by spreading the good fruit and gospel of Christ, and today we invite you to come along this journey with us. Godspeed Family

-Bre & Amar